Zapier Email Verification Integration

Connect validTo with the software tools you rely on and let Zapier do the manual, repetitive tasks so you don't have to.
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What is Zapier?

Zpaier is an online platform that integrates your favorite apps and services to automate workflows. You can connect two or more apps together to automate repetitive tasks.

In Zapier, the automated connections called Zaps, each Zap has one app as the Trigger and one or more Action in other apps. Whenever a trigger event takes place, Zapier automatically performs the action for you.

How to connect validTo with Zapier?

Once you have validTo and Zapier accounts set up, follow these steps to create your Zaps.

  • Choose your trigger app and event
  • Decide what will trigger your Zap, and choose the account of the app you’re using.

  • Set the action
  • Choose what happens when an action is triggered.

  • Customize the action
  • Determine how the Zap will work, which depends on the app you use in Step 2.

  • Test your Zap
  • Confirm the Zap works. Turn it on and you’re ready to go.

Actions supported by validTo
  • Verify Email Address: Verifies the specified email address.
Getting Started with Zapier

To help you get started quickly, here are some well-known pre-made Zaps.

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