Mailjet validTo Integration

Improve the precision of your Mailjet email subscriber list using validTo's email validation service.
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validTo integrates with all your favorite web tools to ensure that you always reach out to the right inbox every time. Once your email service provider is integrated with validTo, you can import your email lists with one click to start email verification. Its proprietary techniques, including deep-level SMTP verification and identification of temporary and duplicate email addresses, help you get rid of unwanted emails without any manual work.


Mailjet is a French cloud-based email marketing platform. It provides email delivery and tracking services, allowing users to send marketing emails. The platform offers tools to design emails, send high volumes, and track email performance.

validTo Mailjet integration

The integration of ValidTo with Mailjet authenticates email IDs and removes invalid email subscribers from the Mailjet subscribers list. This integration improves the delivery rate of email marketing campaigns, keeps the email list clean, reduces the bounce rate, and maintains the reputation of the email account.

Apps Involved
  • validTo
  • Mailjet
Get started
  • To start Mailjet integration, login to your Mailjet application and switch to the "Integration" Tab from the left side menu. Your beloved web applications will be listed here. Choose "Mailjet" from the list.
  • To connect the Mailjet app, click the "Connect" button below the Mailjet Logo, it will ask for “API KEY”.
  • To obtain your Mailjet credentials, log in to your Mailjet account, go to the Account section, and select API Keys. Then, copy the API key and Secret Key. It is essential to save these credentials for future use.
  • Now switch back to your validTo account and paste your API KEY and SECERT KEY.
  • Now in your validTo integration tab you will be able to view your Mailjet integration.
List importing
  • To import a list click on the "Select" button on the right side of the Mailjet integration. Now your available list in the Mailjet account will be listed in the pop up box.
  • To select a list click on the "Import" button near the list name. Now your list is successfully imported.
Verify a list
  • After the successful importing of the list, your list will be available in the "Bulk Validation" Tab. To verify a list, click the arrow button (List Detail) on the right side of your imported list. A pop up box appears, Now click on the "Verify Emails" button. Another pop up box appears, Now click "Start Verification". Kindly wait until your list verification is completed.
Exporting verification results back to Mailjet
  • Click the arrow button on the right side of your verified list, once your list verification is completed. A pop up box appears, you can choose to "Download" or "Export" your results.
  • If you want to download the result in the CSV format, Click on the "Download" button and tick all the boxes to download the complete result or you can customize your result types and download the result.
  • If you want to export the result, Click on "Export". You can choose the result type which you need to unsubscribe from the Mailjet subscribers list. The email subscribers from the chosen result type will be unsubscribed from your Mailjet email subscribers.
Disconnect an integration
  • To disconnect an app from validTo, switch to the "Integration" tab. Your list of integrated apps will be listed here. Move to the right end of your Mailjet integrations section and click on the delete symbol. A confirmation box will pop up, click on "Disconnect" and confirm it. Now your Mailjet account is disconnected from the validTo app.

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