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About email verification

Learn more about validTo and email verifications

What is email verification service?
In short, a service that identifies valid and invalid emails addresses and thus helps you create a contact list thats reachable. It's also called as email validation, list cleaning or email list scrubbing.
If you or your business is planning to send out marketing email campaigns or regular newsletters then you should clean your email list before sending the campaign. So, irrespective of the size of your organization, email validation is useful for all marketing agencies, marketers, data vendors & providers and consultants.
It's all linked to your email sender reputation and your ROI on email marketing. When you send emails to list containing bad emails such as invalid, disposable and temporary emails your sender reputation takes a hit, causing poor email delivery and trouble with your email service provider.
Our email verification does advanced checks to make sure to accurately identify validity of email addresses. Verification checks include Deduplication, Syntax, Disposable, Catch-all, MX, DNS, SMTP and other proprietary techniques. validTo also does free analysis of your list before the actual verification to give you an idea about the nature of the list.
We comprise of delivery experts who are passionate about deliverability. Our years of email delivery experience have helped us in building a reliable & scalable system that delivers accurate, fast results. Combining this with lower pricing makes validTo unbeatable.
Verification results that are Deliverable, Undeliverable, Catch-all are 100% accurate, as these have gone through the complete verification process. Unknown results are those emails that could not be verified reliably.
Definitely No. Even after cleaning the list you are bound to receive hard bounces. There are many factors involved in delivering emails such as sender reputation, email service provider reputation, email content quality, your email list engagement, etc. so hard bounces are inevitable.
We do not provide any kind of guarantee in terms of cleaning list quality, email delivery rate, bounce rate, or any other kind.
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